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 ====== Welcome! ====== ====== Welcome! ======
-===== Get yourself situated. ​=====+===== How did we get here? =====
-This is a digital encyclopedia ​of sortsAn online collection of **How Tos** and **Guides** and **Here Ya Gos**. The focus is on the homestead - cookinggardeningDIY-ingand all that lies between. A great amount of it is self-taughtand the remainder is handed downExpect there to be gaps in knowledge, as well as probable inconsistencies,​ blatant falsehoods, and outright lies+The Domestic Dictator project originated in 2015 as an offshoot ​of my main website, [[http://​www.hrhiles.com|hrhiles.com]]. The goal was to take the focus away from my more cerebralacademicand digital practices and have a space instead for my touchableme-madeless rigorous (academically) focused projectsRecipes found their home here, as well as documentation about homesteading experiments
-There are some dang tasty recipes though, so that sort of makes up for everything+Over the past few years the focus began to bleed back into the original roots of hrhiles.com -- some more academic pursuits as I used my research background to navigate the homestead waters in what felt like a truer course
-Use the left sidebar ​to bounce around ​and see what there is to see.+Most recently, Domestic Dictator has been an exploration of two main themes: first, a knowledge and appreciation of native plants ((in the broad sense, native ​to the South Eastern United States, but also native or naturalized to North Carolina)), their historical uses, and contemporary applications. Second, a more cerebral and existential thought experiment of what drives a modern suburbanite mom want to do all this in the first place. ย 
 +{{ ::​domestic_dictator_venn_diagram.png?​nolink&​800 |}}ย 
 +This website still largely functions as a digital notebook for the projects I am working on in a non-academic,​ non-digital world, but with a much more narrow focus ((and honestly, ​there will still be many academic components of this project, as so much of what I'm doing here is unfamiliar ​to me - and, in many regards, dangerous))
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~