How did we get here?

The Domestic Dictator project originated in 2015 as an offshoot of my main website, hrhiles.com. The goal was to take the focus away from my more cerebral, academic, and digital practices and have a space instead for my touchable, me-made, less rigorous (academically) focused projects. Recipes found their home here, as well as documentation about homesteading experiments.

Over the past few years the focus began to bleed back into the original roots of hrhiles.com โ€“ some more academic pursuits as I used my research background to navigate the homestead waters in what felt like a truer course.

Most recently, Domestic Dictator has been an exploration of two main themes: first, a knowledge and appreciation of native plants 1), their historical uses, and contemporary applications. Second, a more cerebral and existential thought experiment of what drives a modern suburbanite mom want to do all this in the first place.

This website still largely functions as a digital notebook for the projects I am working on in a non-academic, non-digital world, but with a much more narrow focus 2).

in the broad sense, native to the South Eastern United States, but also native or naturalized to North Carolina
and honestly, there will still be many academic components of this project, as so much of what I'm doing here is unfamiliar to me - and, in many regards, dangerous