Edible Vegetables and Herbs

Choosing Varieties

Choosing what to grow comes down to 2 things:

  1. Will it grow here?
  2. Do I want to eat it once it's grown?

There is an optional third question to consider, too โ€“ is it something you may want to experiment with? Growing anything for eating or making use of typically is not an easy endeavor. It takes time and resources. Generally speaking, that time and those resources aren't something you want to contribute towards and end product that you'll just throw in the garbage.

if you aren't sure about experimenting just yet, then try to just choose plants that will both grow well where you are, and that will be things you want to eat once they've grown.

Edible Landscaping

When we think about growing vegetables and fruits, we often think about growing them in very neat tidy rows, or organized beds, boxes, and orchards. Another option is to consider edible landscaping, the purposeful effort of reducing your existing lawn in favor of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. You can propagate these gardens with your run of the mill fruits and vegetables, or with more exotic choices that provide strange and fun elements to your yard. This can also be a good opportunity to explore the native edible plants that will flourish in your yard - these plants will almost always either be perennials or be voracious self-seeders, giving you a garden that is full and lush in just a few years.

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