Food Preservation


The realm of preserving foods for Drinking (beer, wine, etc) is so pervasive that it gets it's own page.


Canning is a great way to save and revisit foods and flavors from past seasons, as well as stock your pantry with food staples you may have traditionally bought from the store.

There are many resources that already exist that will introduce you to the health and safety measure needed to venture into food preservation. Your state our county extension office is the best place to start 1).

A summer bounty – getting the full rainbow out of the garden is always exciting.


Fermented (☢️) and Hot Water Bath Canned (🌡️)




The bar to drying foods is much easier to reach than canning, as food safety is a little easier to handle. You generally are going to just process the food item you are working with until it's dry. Still, refer to local or national guidelines on safety to make good choices.



Other Experiments